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See the destruction, the pain, the anguish and the subsequent laughter
Raven   Mailing List Rants

RavinCrapMy rebuttal of a stupid person on a mailing list. The conversation was about IQ tests. I was arguing that they're a poor indicator of intelligence, and mentioned my rated IQ from several tests to show that I wasn't just bitter. There was a fairly length conversation on the subject between me (RB) and DVQ. OBS spoke out of turn and out of place.
Quantum Physics and Free EnergyConversation had been of the public failing to understand science. I was reminded of an observation I'd made much earlier that scientists don't understand science. This was my rant on the subject.
Qualifications and the MediaHow the media will happily quote anyone with a qualification, no matter if what they're saying is utter tripe that even an upper-end layman can refute.
SexismToilet seats, drafting and holding doors. The dark, ignored side of sexism.
NonsenseA particularly pleasing cutting post directed at someone who insists that they use words 'differently' to how everyone else on the list does.
Argument JudgesA post inspired by poor argument technique on mailing lists, and random violence.

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