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'Die on a hilltop.. Eyeing the crows. Waiting for your lids to close...
But you want to watch as they peck your flesh..
Ironic that they go for the eyes first...'
Raven   Corvidae

Scattered about my site, you could find corvine things. This page is an alternative route to all those things, plus a few that don't also belong in other sections. Also, if you'd care to glance down to the bottom of the page, there are some links to other corvine places.

Around here...
All the pictures in a thumbnailed gallery
Painting : Simulacrum of Proof (RavenBlack)
Computer drawing : Corynne (RavenBlack)
Photograph : Currawong (Kathryn)
Photograph : Crow in Australia (Kathryn)
Photograph : Jackdaw in Burford (England) (Alice)
Photograph : Jackdaw in Burford 2 (Alice)
Photograph : Flock of crows in Sherborne (England) (Alice)
Photograph : The noble jackdaw (Anna)
Photograph : The excellent moody crow (Anna)
Photograph : An aerial crow (?) (Anna)
Photograph : A prominently beaked rook (Anna)
Carving : Crow, carved from natural pine (RavenBlack)
Animated GIF : Lenoré (RavenBlack)
Photograph : Tower of London raven (Stolen from Tower of London blurb)
Photograph : Tower of London ravens (Stolen from Tower of London blurb)
Photograph : Tower of London ravens looking somewhat Escherine (RavenBlack)
Photograph : Tower of London ravens, light and dark (RavenBlack)
Photograph : Tower of London ravens. Look at the pose yourself, tsk. (RavenBlack)
Photograph : Tower of London ravens gazing (RavenBlack)
Photograph : Tower of London ravens preening (RavenBlack)

Prose : My thoughts, opinions, and feelings. Some of them.
Prose : Corvide 'facts' that caught my eye.

Sound : Nightshade mimicking ravens at the Tower of London.
Sound : Three 'quork' sounds from one of the real Tower ravens.

Raven's Eyrie - this way lie a lot of corvid things. We try not to intersect too much.
The American Society of Crows and Ravens
Crows and Ravens webring
The Image And The Likeness - a very shiny book with corvid content

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