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Avocado trombone
Raven   Word Dissociation

Word dissociation is a game you can play on your own, at work if you have internet access and don't mind getting fired.

The idea of the game is to find two common words that are totally dissociated. For the purpose of the game, a word is considered common if :
1. It's in the dictionary, uncapitalised, as per Scrabble, and
2. A search on the websearch engine you are to use produces 10000+ hits.
A pair of words is considered dissociated if a search on the same search engine for a page including both words produces 0 hits.
If all these conditions are met, you score 1 point.
Once a word has been used for a point, that same word cannot be used to claim another point, ie. if you found 'trombone' to be a valid word (10000 or more hits on the search engine you are using), and found 'aquaplane' to be valid and dissociated, you couldn't then claim a point for 'trombone' and 'segregate', as trombone is no longer valid.
If you score only one hit, you must visit the page found.
If you score less than five hits, you must read the summaries, and visit any page that sounds interesting.

I suggest the use of infoseek. The format the two words should be given in is
+firstword +secondword
Without the plus signs you will never score less than 20000 hits with valid words. To test a word's validity, the format is

If using another search engine, you will have to make sure for yourself that you are following the rules correctly.

Variant: instead of one point per success, you get five points per success plus one point for each digit in excess of 5 the words individually have. So if your words have, say, 26000000 and 150000 hits alone, and successfully score 0 hits together, you score 5 plus (260*****)=3 digits plus (1*****)=1 digit, totalling 9 points for the dissociation. The variant encourages victories sought from more common words.

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