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Uh, I'm lookin' fer a 'good time'...
Certainly, will 10:45 do?
Raven   Stupid Searches

Here I'll be listing the stupid search terms that have come to my page, along with the search engines that sent them here, and the information they really wanted (in my opinion)

"Levitating using only the power of your mind" (Lycos) and "Levitate yourself for free" (Yahoo)
You have to concentrate really hard... like frozen orange juice... then with the imaginary hands of your spirit self, raise your body from the ground. It's dead easy.

"Freaky black ho" (Yahoo)
I believe is more the place for garden tools, though I'm not sure they'd have the esoteric type you desire.

"What is impossible to do at zero gravity?" (AskJeeves)
It's a one word answer you should have been able to get if you'd thought about it; Falling.

"Sexual card games" (several search engines)
Yes, this has come to my site at least five times, along with several searches for "sexual games". The answer to this search is... find ordinary card games. Add a sexual tone to them. Winner gets to be on top, something like that. Happy?

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