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Random Surrealism Generator
Raven   Color Configuration

Above should be an example of the text-only version of the Random Surrealism Generator, using a different color scheme than on the rest of my pages.

To configure the colors of the text-only version, include in the tag "?bg=[bgcolor]&text=[textcolor]&link=[linkcolor]" - the parts in square brackets are of the usual HTML color form, minus the leading # sign. (ie. White is FFFFFF, black is 000000, green is 00FF00, red is FF0000 and blue is 0000FF).

The value of 'bg' will be the color of the background. The value of 'text' will be the color of the text. The value of 'link' will be the color of the link. You may think this would be a neat way to hide the link back to my page, if you're a nasty sort of person. However, be warned that if you make the link the same color as the background, some sentences will have apparent gaps in them, as some words will also be links to other sites.
For an example of colors, you would use the following code to have a red background, green text and blue link (this would look awful):

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