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Random Surrealism Generator
Raven   Custom Images

Above should be an example of the graphical version of the Random Surrealism Generator, with a different picture in the place of the speaker.
Here I also demonstrate why you should choose your picture carefully. A non-black picture background evidently can look poor with the black behind the speech-bubble.

To do with a custom image, the end of the address tag must read "?graphics=[full URL]" where [full URL] represents the full path to the picture you want to use. The image should ideally be 64 pixels wide by 80 pixels high.

Use the following code for a custom image version:

  • Main Random Surrealism Generator page
  • Text-only, for quicker loading
  • Surreal error messages for programmers
  • Surreal Shakespearian quotes
  • Configuring the colors to suit your page
  • Custom images as the speaker
  • JavaScript to generate the required code for your desired setup

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