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Random Surrealism Generator
Raven   Shakespeare

Above should be an example of the text-only version of the Random Surrealism Generator, where the sentence always appears as a Shakespearian quote. You can refresh this page to change the text, as you could with the main index.

To configure a fixed-sentence error message, put "ss=[sentence number]" in the query string within the tag. (separate configuration changes with an ampersand - &)
For example, use the following code to always get the shorter form of surreal Shakespearian quote, with graphics:

Or use the following to always get the longer Shakespearian quote, without (this longer form might appreciate a larger window also, so height has been increased - note the <img> version doesn't have increased height):

If you wanted to choose the sentence from a selection of sentence types, like on this page, (say, you want only Shakespeare, but like both quotes), you can give a comma-separated list of sentences, as follows:

  • Main Random Surrealism Generator page
  • Text-only, for quicker loading
  • Surreal error messages for programmers
  • Surreal Shakespearian quotes
  • Configuring the colors to suit your page
  • Custom images as the speaker
  • JavaScript to generate the required code for your desired setup

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