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Can I have a word?
Raven   Words to the Wise

I've often been struck wordless, finding a situation where I need a word better than what's available. Usually this is just because I've got a mental block around the word I want, but on a few odd occasions it's because there is no such word. Here, then, is my dictionary addendum.

As, in future, I'm struck by more blank moments, I may add more words to this page.

drime v. To criticise poetry without first knowing what it is about.
ebse adj. Gregarious-seeming, to hide shyness.
egousa n. The mold and rot underneath old fruit which appears fine when viewed from above. colloquial. Hidden nastiness.
eodo n. Any martial art which serves primarily for show, likely to be ineffectual in combat.
entrothed n. A person treated as a spouse without being one. Most often used to describe an entwiced partner.
entwice v. To join as though marrying, without the connotations of religion or law. (adj. entwiced)
escinous adj. Giving the impression of niceness, purely to dispel confrontation or dislike.
lutta n. A stylised dark feeling of anguish. (usually used to describe the presentation of emotions in works of fiction.)
pank n. Any unpleasant substance. adj. Very unpleasant.
quais adj. Unyielding, yet soft, eg. live oak.
sesh v. To come very close to crying, while knowing no tears will be forthcoming, often accompanied by swallowing repeatedly.
twiver v. An involuntary shaking movement, as the result of a pleasurable cause. <As she stroked his face, he twivered>
twiversome adj. Being a cause, or potential cause, of twivering. <A twiversome glance>

[ Think back... ]

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