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Pardon? Oh, nothing...
Raven   Thoughts about Nothing

Nothing. What an interesting substance. Is there really such a thing as nothing? Out there, when you run out of atmosphere, you are in space. Is that nothing? Why does it takes so long to get from Venus to Mars if there's nothing in between?

I think the speed of light and time dilation thing (Cross reference : Time), if correct, is a point in favour of there being no such thing as nothing. What alternative is there though? After all, few people claim to detect anything in its place.

A mildly popular theory is the aether (also known as the ether, the tachyon field (presumably by a Star Trek buff), or the Zero Point Field). (Cross reference : Free Energy) A near-undetectable 'field', ever stationary, through which things travel. This is possibly connected to Morphic Resonance, which I'm not going to talk about because I don't like it. Feel free to look it up for yourself.

This as well as my Multiverse theory could explain psychic 'powers'. A distortion in the aether could, perhaps, cause a spoon to bend, a body to levitate, a mind to be read. Perhaps, even, 'mind' is an occupant of the aether. After all, there's no free will if it's all run by electricals and chemistry, and most people aren't happy with that idea.

Perhaps ghosts too, minds remaining in the aether, without corresponding body in the world of our perceptions. Or, on the other hand, perhaps there really is 'nothing'.

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