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'Opposition is true Friendship' -- William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Raven   RavenBlack, the Player of Games.
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Here, some categorised games...

Strange time-filling games
Word Dissociation (can be played alone)
Psychological Ju-Jitsu
Ghost, Spook and other variants.

Board/Paper/Email games
Unorthobox - a paper/email game for two players
Logi-Sticks - a board game for two to four players
Bees! - a hex-board game for two players

Card games
Cheat - a game usually for more than two players
Splat - a game usually for only two players

Online games
Vampires - a web-based massively-multiplayer game.
Warlocks - a web-based multi-player game, running on this very server. Join, play!
Firetop Mountain - the email-based game Warlocks was based on (or copied from).
Scrabule (A lot like a word game of a similar name, but played on a MUSH.)
Treasure Hiding - an email game for two players.

Multi-player computer games
Warcraft 2 - my favourite competitive computer game. Challenge me.

Single-player computer games
Most of the Ultima series from Origin.
Nethack and Slash

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