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The European Union requires websites that do what every website does get consent from the user for doing what every website does, because otherwise the web might be too seamless and non-annoying. So here's the deal:

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Changes listed here are listed in reverse date order - most recent at the top.

16th October 2013:

  • Cut out some outdated stuff and reskinned. I'm sure there's more outdated stuff, but meh.

    21st February 2003:

  • Bees added to Games section.

    3rd February 2003:

  • Logi-Sticks added to Games section.

    23rd October 2001:

  • Various UpsideClonish shorts added to the Prose section, and Blood In A Baggie added to the Digital Photography section.

    4th October 2001:

  • White Hair replaces the grainy hat picture in the Me section.

    24th July 2001:

  • The entire site was remodelled.

    13th Dune 2001:

  • Blog started.

    14th May 2001:

  • Spamcheck added to software section.

    30th Ape-rule 2001:

  • Corporation added to Prose section.
  • Warlocks returns at

    20th Ape-rule 2001:

  • Added Oi and logbroadcast to the Software section.

    31st Marsh 2001:

  • TheEye, Motepad, Magnify and PalSpy all made smaller, in Software section.

    16th Jamboree 2001:

  • Chapter 1 of Altergeist finished in Prose section.
  • This Man's Army added to Prose section.

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