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The European Union requires websites that do what every website does get consent from the user for doing what every website does, because otherwise the web might be too seamless and non-annoying. So here's the deal:

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Search UK road maps, US road maps, Visual traceroute, UK yellow pages, UK phone information, Internet Address Finder, Currency converter, Postcode/Address finder, Device drivers
Games AbsoluteMUSH, Nethack and Slash, Firetop Mountain, Spectrum emulator and games
Serious The William Blake Archive, Vegetarian pages, ZipMagic, GIF2PNG file converter, UK Television Guide,
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Media X-Men, Jackie Chan, The Cure, My Life Story, Velvet Underground, Counting Crows, Counting Crows (again), Pearl Jam, R.E.M., Blur, James, Therapy?, The Divine Comedy, Radiohead, Pulp, Suede, Paris Burning, Gossamer, Adrian Alexis, Voltaire
Book:The Image And The Likeness
Online mock-news:The Onion

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