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Raven   The Creep

The Creep.

A picture of the best mess in my room, affectionately known as 'The Creep', I anthropomorphise it. 'Creep' is a life-form, named for Starcraft's alien slime. In the mess sense, Creep evolves as it spreads, starting in a small patch of First Generation Creep, this will spread until it reaches an area of approximately ten square feet before the centre point grows an item taller, becoming Second Generation Creep (with the edges still being First Generation). Eventually, usually after covering all available space, Creep will start to become Third Generation. This is rarely seen outside of my room. Finally, there is the Creep's idea of decoration and nature preservation, the Box Tree. This is what you see in the picture. You may also notice that Creep doesn't just grow on floors, but is quite happy to spread onto all available surfaces - you may just be able to make out the corner of a chest of drawers uncovered in the picture, and there's also a chair in there which I suspect you can't see, but may be able to deduce the location of.
I had to take the picture in two parts, because I don't have a wide-angle lens, and the Creep is, as you can see, quite tall. Perhaps Creep tends to look like its owner, in the same way as dogs are alleged to do. Anyway, that explains the line across the middle.
Out of shot to the bottom right, you don't see my bed (which is sometimes occupied by me, sometimes by 'Doomed Creep' (Creep which knows it will be used soon, and tries to enjoy its short life as much as it can))... To the left, you don't see the door. Behind you, you don't see my sunken Creep colony, the computer and things-to-which-it-is-attached.


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