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'Do you know my poetry?' (William Blake portrayed in the film 'Dead Man')
Raven   RavenBlack's Verse
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EvermorePoem for a White Raven. [illustrated]
Saturday the FourteenthOf March, no less. Not my birthday, nor that of anyone else I know.
Six For GoldMy sixty-second poem. Not the one after the sixty-first, but one that was written with a one minute time constraint. High amongst my favourites. [illustrated]
SparkA poem whose origins shouldn't have produced something this good. That's not to say it's good. Everything bad I say about Mist a couple of lines down applies to this, its prequel, too.
SomethingA poem written about nothing, or something. I rather like its gibbering attitude.
MistA poem for all the mirrors out there. The title puns. Yes, I do realise it's technically horrible, but it gets to stay here to remind me to never again be inspired to write poetry this bad.
Unto AshesA poem I wrote starting with the last line and working upwards, as an exercise. It has nothing to do with my life at the time of writing. Or maybe you could read something into that I wrote this backwards. [illustrated]

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